Concurrent Sentence For Portlaoise Inmate’s Death Threat

Written 1 year ago by Newsroom

A man serving ten years in jail for rape has received a concurrent ten-month sentence for threatening to kill a female prison officer in Portlaoise.

George Arundel, originally from Mayfield, Cork and currently an inmate at the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise was brought before Portlaoise District Court on Thursday.

He admitted making a death threat against a female prison officer on 16 December 2015.

According to Inspector Ollie Baker, the 30-year-old made a number of phone calls to his mother from the prison, saying that he hated the female prison officer and felt like stabbing her.

During a conversation later with the prison chaplain, Mr Arundel said he was going to cause harm to the prison officer and do something that would get him a life sentence.

He received a ten-year jail sentence at the Central Criminal Court in June 2012 for false imprisonment, sexual assault, rape and attempted rape. He also got nine months in jail in February 2013 for threatening to kill and has a total of 33 previous convictions. He is due for release from prison in October 2019.

Handing in a letter from the prison chaplain, defending solicitor Josephine Fitzpatrick said her client is attending weekly psychiatric and psychological sessions in prison.

After reading a psychiatric report, Judge Catherine Staines said it revealed that Mr Arundel had a “dreadful” childhood. He was in care since he was young and started drinking alcohol aged eight. He had an extremely difficult life, spending time at Oberstown juvenile detention centre and a special facility in Scotland.

The judge said she would make a ten-month jail sentence for the Portlaoise offence concurrent, given that the psychiatrist believed Mr Arundel’s death threat arose out of immaturity and he had no intention of carrying out the threat.