HSE Apologises For Failings At Portlaoise Hospital In 2001

Written 1 year ago by Newsroom

The HSE is acknowledging lackings in maternity services at Portlaoise Hospital in 2001 after a baby born there wasn’t given due attention.

In a statement released today, they apologise to the family of Roisín Conroy for the failings in her delivery.

The HSE is apologising for the significant failings in the care provided to Mary Conroy at Portlaoise Hospital for the delivery of baby Róisín on 14th November 2001.

After an uncomplicated pregnancy, Mary Conroy was admitted to the facility, ten days after reaching full term and a day after her gynaecologist noted reduced amniotic fluid.

It found a CTG belt used to monitor contractions wasn’t fully attached during Mrs. Conroy’s labour.

When Baby Roisin was delivered, the umbilical cord was tightly wrapped twice around her neck.

Roisin is severely disabled due to injuries suffered at birth.

The Chief Executive of the Dublin Midland Hospital Group, acknowledges their apology doesn’t negate the suffering and distress experienced by the family.

Trevor O Callaghan also says the additional distress caused to the Conroys by the Hospital’s failure to address these deficiencies was unacceptable.

The report of the investigation has been published in full today.