Inland Fisheries Ireland Monitoring Shannon Oil Spill Site

Written 1 week ago by Newsroom

The Angling Council of Ireland says a bung should have been in place at the mouth of the canal in Athlone to stop oil entering the designated fishing area.

It follows reports on Saturday of an oil spill in the River Shannon that originally came from the River Al.

The source of it is still unknown.

Inland Fisheries Ireland is monitoring the site of the incident on a daily basis and, as of this morning, no dead fish have been observed.

Council President Martin McEnroe says it’s a very serious issue:

Statement from Inland Fisheries Ireland:

Inland Fisheries Ireland staff are continuing to monitor and investigate the area affected by an oil spill on a tributary of the river Shannon. There has been no clear evidence of a significant fish kill associated with the incident although IFI have noted a number of photographs of a small number of dead fish on Facebook attributed to the event – however as of this afternoon IFI staff have not identified any dead fish directly caused by this event. Oil incidences are unusual in that the oil floats on the surface of the water and fish can avoid the effects of the pollutant provided they do not move through the surface film. IFI is continuing to work with the local authority to narrow down the possible sources of the pollutant and to ensure that it is identified and eliminated.