International Crime Gang Suspected Of Midland Robberies

Written 1 week ago by Newsroom

Two men have been remanded in custody after appearing at Portlaoise District Court this evening charged with robbery and theft of perfume and aftershave totalling €85,000.

Prosecuting detective garda JP O’Brien told Judge Catherine Staines that it was his believe that both men were part of an International crime gang and was objecting to bail been granted.

Before then court were Siminica Matei (32) of no fixed abode and Sorin Damaschin (29) of no fixed abode.

Garda Stephen Cullen and Garda Robert Butler gave evidence of arrest, charge and caution of both defendants to which they said, made no reply to the charges.

Detective O’Brien alleged that on 1 June at 4.30am the front window of Laois Pharmacy in Portlaoise was smashed. €3,000 of perfume and aftershave as well as €2,000 in cash and floats totalling €450 taken from three tills.

He also alleged that on 3 July at 3.30am the front window of O’Brien Pharmacy Care in Roscommon Town was smashed with a hammer causing €400 of damage to it, €40,000 worth of perfume and aftershave stolen and €200 in floats taken from two tills.

Det. O’Brien also alleged that the following morning at 3.30am the front window of Molloy’s Pharmacy in Roscommon was smashed causing €500 worth of damage to it. Perfume and aftershave totalling €17,000 and cash totalling €15,000 was taken.

Det. O’Brien alleged that on 25 June the window of Trim Pharmacy was smashed by a hammer at 2.30am that morning and that €2,450 worth of aftershave and perfume taken.

He said that none of the property has to date been recovered.

Det O’Brien alleged: “I believe that they are part of an international crime gang that come to Ireland, break into premises and export the goods back to Romania.”

He said the charge of burglary upon conviction carries a 14 year sentence.

Judge Catherine Staines remanded both me in custody to appear at Cloverhill District Court on Thursday 18 July.