‘Very Little Room For EU To Manoeuvre’ – Cowen

Written 2 months ago by Newsroom

British MPs will vote later on extending Article 50.

If they pass the motion Theresa May will ask the EU to delay the UK’s withdrawal from the union, which is due to happen in 15 days.

Last night, the Commons voted by a majority of four to reject a no-deal Brexit.

Mrs May says a delay means the UK will have to hold European elections in two months:

A former Taoiseach has said he expects the UK to delay Brexit, but doesn’t know what it would bring.

Brian Cowen has been making the comments at the Cheltenham Racing Festival and believes there’s “very little room for manoeuvre” for the EU.

The Irish Times reports the former Offaly TD said “there seems to be people finding a reason not to support” Mrs May’s deal.