Longford And Westmeath ETB Teachers To Hold Protest

Written 3 years ago by Newsroom

The Longford Westmeath Education and Training Board says it is regrettable that teachers in the two counties are staging a lunchtime protest this afternoon.

Around 280 members of the Teachers’ Union of Ireland are taking part after 92 percent voted in favour of industrial action.

Members claim the ETB is failing to comply with agreed grievance procedures.

The TUI insists that regular school business will not be disrupted by the demonstration.

Deputy General Secretary of the union is Annette Dolan.

Statement from Dr. Christy Duffy, Chief Executive, Longford and Westmeath Education and Training Board

Longford and Westmeath Education and Training Board (LWETB) is committed to engaging through the national grievance procedure. LWETB sought clarification of the issues which were raised over the summer, without success. LWETB was always ready and willing to meet on the issue once it was clarified.

The Grievance Procedure is designed to deal with real grievances which have actually arisen. It is not intended to deal with hypothetical issues which have not arisen at all.

The TUI is seeking to raise what appears to be two contradictory propositions which are in fact mutually exclusive: the fundamental issue is whether a deputy principal is automatically entitled to be appointed to the post of Acting Principal in a school where such a vacancy arises or is it a position for which all other staff should be afforded an opportunity of applying.

These issues are diametrically opposed…..if a deputy principal is entitled to be appointed then the question as to whether all other staff should be entitled to apply for that post simply doesn’t arise.

The TUI sought to have both of these issues dealt with by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) at the same time when no local discussion of any kind which might have resolved the matter had taken place.

Regrettably, the TUI has decided on industrial action without clarifying what is the issue in dispute.

LWETB is anxious to avoid any disruption to its schools and centres.