Offaly Teacher Says Learning Irish Has Practical Benefits

Written 1 week ago by Newsroom

An Offaly teacher is reminding students and parents of the value of learning Irish, as new criteria for granting exemptions to the subject are due to be introduced.

The Education Minister says the overhaul of the current system will make it “fair and more supportive”.

But principal of Durrow National School, Frank Kelly, fears people will be rushing to be excused from classes.

He feels Irish is part of the heart and soul of our country, but learning the language also has practical benefits:

Meanwhile, Angela Maher from Career Coaching Matters feels if don’t allow your child to engage with languages from a young age, you are hindering their chances of employment in the future.

She also has concerns about how languages are taught in schools, but says it’s a mistake to stop a child from learning Irish.

Removing the need for a psychological assessment before being exempt is among the new measures that’ll be introduced at the start of the school year.

Angela feels we need to adapt a more informal, conversational approach to all languages: