Services Are Not There For Children With Disabilities

Written 1 week ago by Sinead Hubble

A Westmeath dad is pleading with the HSE to help his six year old daughter.

Aimee McAlister was diagnosed with Autism when she was two but she’s still on a waiting list for services.

Her father Daragh says she requires 24 / 7 care as she has a number of special needs.

The Mullingar girl is prone to violent outbursts and screams for hours during the night.

Daragh says it’s taking it’s toll on the family:

The six year old is non verbal and also suffers from a rare eating disorder called Pika.

Her mother Gillian says it often causes her to be sick:

The family says they have been looking for supports for over three years and want her to be seen by a doctor to help her sleep at night.

Her dad says they are prisoners in their home as she’s a flight risk: