Staffing Shortage Forces Partial Closure Of St Vincent’s Care Centre

Written 11 months ago by Newsroom

The HSE has had to temporarily close a part of St Vincent’s care centre in Athlone due to staffing shortages.

18 residents returned there at the end of last month after extensive refurbishment works took place since last summer.

The INMO says that some workers have left St Vincent’s since its reopening, and claim there are patient safety concerns as a result. A meeting between the nurses union and the HSE was held yesterday to discuss the concerns.

The HSE says today that staffing levels have ensured safe care of residents since their return, but there have been a number of “unprecedented” issues in recent weeks with staff on sick leave.

They say it’s possible to maintain existing staffing levels in the short term, but claim it’s unsustainable into the future.

The Executive has taken the decision to move all residents to the ground floor, until necessary staff are hired to reopen the top floor of the building.