Woman Raped In Midlands Says She Was Sure Her Life Was Over

Written 3 years ago by Newsroom

A woman who was beaten and raped by her husband at their home in the Midlands has told his sentence hearing she was sure her life was over.

Her husband, who’s 45 years old and can’t be named to protect her identity, told Gardaí he just “flipped” after she accused him of being “needy”.

On the evening of January 9th last year, the man returned from work and asked his wife for a foot massage.

When he asked her to kiss him and show him some affection, she told him begging wasn’t attractive and he went to bed early.

When she joined him later that night, she said she could hear him crying and tried to appease him.

He then jumped on top of her and started punching her in the face. She told Gardaí she started screaming “help me God” and was told “no god is going to help you”.

He told her he wanted to hear her beg for mercy before having sex with her against her will. She told Gardaí she felt it was her only out.

He admitted assaulting her but denied the rape, a charge he was convicted of in October.

She told the court today that she felt like a ghost that night and was sure her life was over.

He’ll be sentenced next Tuesday.