The Afternoon Show with Carl James

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

1200 - 1500

Presented by: Carl James

Contact: [email protected]

Carl James loves radio so much that he even gave up a good accountancy job to pursue it. As he says himself ‘I’d rather be poor and happy than well-off and sad’.

Join him from 12 to 3pm weekdays for a fast paced show with great competitions, features and giveaways. Maybe you would like to figure out our ‘Ban Shazam’ song?… or guess the mystery voice in ‘Ah Who Is It??’. He’s got the quirkiest facts in the ‘Weird and Wonderful File’ and the craziest claims in ‘Go Way Outta That’!

So put on the kettle and take out a pack of biscuits and enjoy the show! Better still you can bring them in to Carl!

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