Drivetime with Roy Jennings

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

1500 - 1900

Presented by: Roy Jennings

Contact: [email protected]

Athlone native Roy Jennings is the well-known presenter of Drivetime on Midlands 103.

Having been broadcasting since the age of 14, Roy cut his teeth with small pirate stations in the Athlone region in 1987 before eventually joining Midlands 103 in 1997 where he has since remained.

Roy started presenting The Late Show back in the late 90s which was one of the most popular shows on the radio back then. He then moved to the Afternoon Show in 2006 and remained there up until 2014 until he took over the Drivetime position.

Roy presents Drivetime each weekday evening from 3pm – 7pm and he is also Head of Music at the station.

The show consists of a good mix of classic and modern hits with a focus on quirky stories, entertainment news, gossip and locally sourced stories where possible.

Another show favourite is the movie quiz and the classic TV quiz which sparks a nostalgic chat with the listener about the good old days.

The last hour of the show, dedicated to 80s music, has proven very popular with the listener as it features mainly the forgotten classics from that decade.

Roy is known on air for his daily rants about certain topics in daily life, his quick fire sense of humour and warm voice.

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