We at Midlands 103 aim to deliver the best possible service to our listeners. We also aim to ensure that our programming is compliant with the requirements set out in the Broadcasting Act, 2009 and broadcasting codes published by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

We welcome and will engage with all feedback, both negative and positive, from our listeners concerning any aspect of our service.

Right of Reply

If you are of the opinion that your reputation has been impugned by an assertion of incorrect facts or information, you are entitled to seek a right-of-reply.

Section 49 of the Broadcasting Act 2009 provides for a right of reply in specific circumstances. Your application should be directed to the Station Manager by letter:

Mr William Faulkner,
Station Manager,
Midlands 103,
Axis Business Park,
Clara Road,
Co Offaly.

Or by email:
[email protected]

Your request must be made within 21 days of the broadcast.

Please include sufficient information to identify the broadcast alleged to contain the incorrect facts or information.

Midlands 103 will, within ten days, issue a decision on your request. If the decision is to grant the right of reply, we will work with you to agree a wording for the right of reply.

Should your request be refused, or if there is disagreement about the form the right of reply should take, you can appeal the matter to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland by letter:

Compliance Committee,
Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
2-5, Warrington Place,
Dublin 2

Or by email: [email protected]

The appeal should be made within 21 days of receipt of our refusal to grant a right of reply. Should it decide to do so, the BAI can compel Midlands 103 to broadcast your right of reply. It can also determine the wording and form to be taken.

Please note the scheme deals with incorrect statements of fact and does not provide for the broadcast of an alternative or contrary opinion.

Code of Practice

We are obliged under the Broadcasting Act, 2009 to have in place a Code of Practice for handling complaints from our listeners. This Code of Practice sets out and explains our complaint process and ensures that we deal with complaints in an effective and efficient manner. It should be noted that the Code of Practice only relates to certain categories of complaints as detailed below:

Midlands 103 Code of Practice Complaints
Advertisement Complaint Form
Midlands 103 Programme Complaint Form
Right of Reply Scheme