Retrofitting Benefits for Your Home with Electric Ireland Superhomes

Are you considering retrofitting your home but uncertain about its benefits? I'm Cori Calvert, Customer Solutions Manager at Electric Ireland Superhomes, and I've been invited by Midlands 103 to highlight the advantages of a home energy retrofit. 

We often hear from clients that they are confused about the potential benefits of a retrofitted home as well as what exactly is involved during the retrofit process. Which is very understandable as beginning the process can be quite complex! At Electric Ireland Superhomes, we aim to provide comprehensive information as a reliable and registered SEAI One Stop Shop for a heat pump-led home retrofits.


When we guide customers through their energy retrofit journey, we often hear one resounding benefit: comfort. 

The constant temperature and cosiness of the house are common feedback we get from customers after they have experienced the benefit of a home energy retrofit. Never again will you walk into a cold home at the end of the workday or need to worry about boiling water for the hot water bottles before bed.  

Property Value 

In a recent study conducted by the SCSI (Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland), 69% of agents said they believed BER ratings are an important or very important influence on the level of offer made on a property.  

John O'Sullivan, Chair of the SCSI Practice and Policy Committee said that while they started out initially as a mere footnote on property brochures, they were now front and center in buyers’ thoughts. 


Constant Ventilation 

Our approach at Electric Ireland Superhomes, with a focus on heat pump-led retrofitting, ensures customers not only benefit from improved energy efficiency but also enjoy constant ventilation in their homes. 

While manual ventilation by opening your windows remains an option, the automatic and continuous ventilation through advanced ventilation systems provided by a heat pump-led retrofit adds to the home's comfort and efficiency. 



Electric Ireland Superhomes 

As a One Stop Shop, Electric Ireland Superhomes’ experienced team looks after all the key stages of a home energy retrofit, from retrofit design, through to contractor selection, project completion and management of SEAI grant funding. Their aim is to provide quality assurance, peace of mind, and, when the retrofit is complete, the best home possible.   

Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint with a home retrofit, other benefits to your home’s energy efficiency include a warmer, cosier, healthier home with a consistent temperature, instant hot water and increasing the property’s value.  

Future proofing your home is easier than ever with Electric Ireland Superhomes and the significant grant funding available through SEAI.

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