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Fianna Fáil
Athlone / Moate

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Email: liam.mcdaniel@westmeathcoco.ie




What issues do you think are most important to people in your electoral area?

In our rural electoral area, the most pressing issues include the availability and quality of social and affordable housing. More flexible rural planning regulations are needed to allow locals to build homes and support community growth. Support for the farming community and investment in the rural road network are also top priorities, along with ensuring adequate funding for local voluntary groups to maintain community vibrancy and resilience.

 What issues are coming up on the doorstep?

Concerns about the availability and quality of social and affordable housing highlight the need for increased investment and long-term affordability. There is also a strong demand for more flexible rural planning legislation to allow locals to build homes within their own communities. The farming community is calling for greater government support, including subsidies and sustainable farming initiatives. Finally, the poor condition of rural roads requires substantial investment in maintenance and improvement, with traffic speed on all roads also being a significant concern.

 What projects in the area do you plan on championing if you are elected to the council?

If elected to the council, I plan to champion several key projects to improve our community. First, I will work to secure increased funding for regional and local road upgrades. I am committed to protecting the vibrancy of our rural communities by promoting flexible rural development policies and supporting single-home rural housing projects. This includes advocating for infrastructure improvements, better access to services, and sustainable growth initiatives to ensure our rural areas thrive.

 What are your ‘red-line’ issues when it comes to budget votes?

My 'red-line' issues for budget votes are centred around community needs including increased funding for regional and local road upgrades, to ensure safe and efficient transportation for all residents.   I am dedicated to advocating for increased funding for housing adaptation grants, specifically aimed at supporting individuals with disabilities and our elderly population. These adaptations are essential for promoting independence, safety, and a better quality of life for vulnerable community members. Finally, I will advocate for maintaining and ensuring adequate funding for local voluntary groups. These organisations are the backbone of our community, providing invaluable services and support. Ensuring they have the necessary resources to continue their work is a top priority for me when it comes to budget decisions.

 What steps would you like to see to tackle the housing crisis?

To tackle the housing crisis, I propose focusing on two key areas: addressing dereliction and implementing more flexible planning regulations. By refurbishing and repurposing derelict buildings, we can provide much-needed housing while preserving the character and history of our communities. This approach not only increases housing availability but also improves neglected areas within our communities. Implementing flexible planning regulations will facilitate the development of rural housing, allowing local communities to continue to grow and thrive. 

 Why should people vote for you?

I am an experienced local councillor, proudly serving on Westmeath County Council since 2016. Over the years, I have worked closely with our communities to enhance facilities, living standards, and local infrastructure. Significant achievements include the new secondary school in Kilbeggan, the extension of the national school in Tyrrellspass, the new Primary Care Centre in Kilbeggan, and the completion of town and village enhancement schemes in Ballinagore, Castletown Geoghegan, Tyrrellspass, and Kilbeggan.
Securing funding for GAA developments, Tidy Towns, and various community projects has also been a priority. Additionally, I have driven progress on key initiatives such as traffic calming measures, Active Travel schemes, greenway development, and Just Transition funding. My commitment to driving progress within our communities remains steadfast.
Local representation is crucial in ensuring that the unique needs and values of our communities are addressed. By working together, we can continue to make meaningful improvements and shape a brighter future for our communities.
To continue this vital work, I need your No. 1 vote on 7th June. 

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