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Dr. Cathal Berry is a father, husband, doctor, veteran and resident of Portarlington, Co Laois. He is married to Orla and is the proud father of Tom and Katie. Cathal grew up on a farm in Ballyduff Upper, Co. Waterford before he set off to join the Irish Defence Forces at the age of 18. Cathal is a first-time candidate running as an Independent in the upcoming General Election in the Kildare South constituency.

​The constituency has been dominated by big party politics for decades, but with the creation of an additional seat at the next election, it is now time that the people of Kildare South are represented by an independent voice. As an independent TD, Cathal can focus exclusively on solving the issues in the constituency rather than being distracted by wider political tribalism.

Cathal is not a career politician. He is a doctor and decorated veteran of the Irish Defence Forces (DF) who has been based in the Curragh Camp in County Kildare for the last 25 years. Cathal’s priorities include;

  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Climate Action
  • Education
  • The plight of Defence Forces families.

Working in the voluntary, private and public sectors, both nationally and internationally, Cathal has established a reputation for honesty and hard work.

Cathal’s top priority is Healthcare. He is uniquely placed to provide insight, guidance, expertise and leadership in the creation of a Health Service the people of Ireland deserve. He is fully committed to improving our Health Service and to reducing patient waiting lists. He has first-hand, frontline experience of the significant challenges and indeed, frustrations faced by patients, nurses, doctors and administrative staff.

​Cathal has always put Ireland first and now, as a veteran and Doctor, he will continue to dedicate himself to serving others. Cathal has served as a soldier in some of the most dangerous regions, protecting some of the world’s most vulnerable people and proven himself to be competent and principled. There are many serving members of the Defence Forces, veterans and military families living and working in the constituency. Cathal is committed to investing in the future of the DF, in recognising the unique nature of military service and the benefits it brings to Irish society as a whole.

Dr. Cathal Berry will support Kildare South in becoming the most vibrant, environmentally conscious and safest constituency in Ireland. He has the strategic vision, the skills and experience to lay the foundations and take the necessary steps for Ireland to grow, modernise and lead on the world stage.

Cathal believes that if we continue to vote the way we always vote then we can never expect different outcomes and consequently, we will never see our constituency and our country modernise and we can never address the inefficiencies we all experience in our public services,  Cathal is not offering change for the sake of change, he is promising the people of Kildare South tangible progress and improvements across his priority areas.

A vote for Dr. Cathal Berry is a vote for meaningful change.


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