Health Minister Commits To Keeping RHM Paediatric Diabetes Services Open

The future of the clinic has been in doubt since a letter was sent to parents earlier this month.

The Health Minister is committing to keeping the Paediatric Diabetes Service in Mullingar open.

The future of the clinic at Regional Hospital Mullingar had been thrown into question when the Clinical Lead for the Paediatric Directorate sent a letter to parents detailing the pressures it was facing.

Another skilled and experienced Paediatric Diabetes Nurse is being made available to the service, according to hospital management.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly says it shouldn't have gotten to the stage where parents were worried:

In a statement to Midlands 103, Regional Hospital Mullingar says it's been working on a range of solutions:

"We can now confirm that a skilled and experienced Paediatric Diabetes Nurse is being made available to supplement the current staffing at RHM, from within the region, and will provide short term support for parents from Monday, 15th April 2024. This is to ensure continuation of services. 

This additional resource will be in place until the new appointee transfers officially to the new unit to support the current team. 

Outpatient clinics are continuing to be scheduled and have not been disrupted.

There is a 24/7 oncall paediatric registrar who is also a point of contact available for parents.

There are a range of longer term solutions that we are working with DMHG to ensure further stability to the Paediatric Diabetes Service at Regional Hospital Mullingar.

The Clinical team for the Paediatric Directorate has agreed to this solution.

The hospital regrets any confusion and upset patients may have experienced in this past week."


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