Midlands 103 Banning All Mentions Of COVID-19 This Friday

The local broadcaster for Laois, Offaly and Westmeath won't mention the C-word for a full 24 hours.

The local broadcaster for Laois, Offaly and Westmeath is banning all mentions of COVID19 for a full 24 hours this Friday.

In keeping with its mantra of Feel Good Radio, Midlands 103 is encouraging listeners to make a similar pledge in support of Heroes Aid, the charity that supports frontline healthcare workers through the pandemic.

The prohibition extends to all programming, including news bulletins and adbreaks.

Managing Director Will Faulkner wishes the fundraiser could have happened sooner. “We’ve always struggled to find the right balance with coverage of COVID19. On one hand, nurses and doctors were telling us they were anxious about case numbers during the various waves. On the other, listeners were fatigued by restrictions and there has been a palpable sense of joy and relief in recent weeks. We feel now is the right time to banish the bad news”, he says.

Beginning on Breakfast with Ann Marie, a Swear Jar will be left in studio and presenters must pay a penalty if the C-word is used on their programme. This will be especially tricky on The Midlands Today Show as guests may inadvertently mention COVID, especially on The Friday Panel.

Midlands 103 is also encouraging listeners to ban the C-word within their homes and workplaces on Friday, with a GoFundMe link to Heroes Aid available on its web and social platforms. It is up to each person how much they may wish to donate at the end of the day.

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