Near 10% Jump In Midlands House Prices Within A Year

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That's above the national average increase of 8.9%.

House prices in the midlands have jumped by nearly 10%.

The CSO analysed figures from November 2021 to November 2022, and found the regional increase is above the national average of 8.9%.

The average cost of a home in the midlands is €230,000.

Westmeath remains the most expensive county in the region to buy a home, with the average price €235,000.

Offaly is slightly behind that number, at €230,000, while Laois is the cheapest among the three counties, at €225,000.

However, prospective home buyers may want to take a trip to Birr, where a house can be scooped up for €180,000, the cheapest town in the midlands.

That's in comparison to Tullamore, which takes the crown for the most costly town in the region, where the average house price is €250,250.

The CSO also revealed house prices in the country have risen by 135% since the historical low, in May 2013.

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