SOLAS – New Eco Food Shop, Farmers Market & Iced Lattes

The past week at SOLAS have been simply glorious with the Food Court area in particular packed-out day after day as customers enjoyed ice creams, great food and coffee and the odd glass of wine.

Co-owner David Maher explains “it has taken a while but finally all the key elements of SOLAS have clicked into place. We have put in an enormous investment into creating the buildings but now the soft infrastructure – such as the great staff, the new menu, the vibrant markets, the book swap, the clothes swap, the great weather and the crowds have all come together – and created the vibrant hub of relaxation and sustainability we had envisioned when we started out on this journey”.


SOLAS Eco Food & Art Shop

The big development of the last week has been the opening of the new ‘Eco Food & Art’ shop within the main shop which will host the very best of local suppliers and artists

The shop contains:

  • Refillz: Offers over 250 options from zero packing dispensers
  • Gees Jams & Mimo’s Sauces
  • Corleggy Cheeses and Sheridan Crackers
  • Olives & ‘Wooded  Pig’ range of incredible Salamis
  • ‘Red Shed’ range of local Vegetables
  • ‘Grape and Bean’ range of wines
  • Range of local Crafts and Artisan products

David Maher explains “this is just the next logical step for us – to be able to partner with incredible local producers and artisans who make the SOLAS markets so vibrant and make it available to our customers 7 day a week”



Why not try an Ice Cream or one of our ‘Iced Lattes’


SOLAS Events


  • Saturday 20 August @ 12pm (noon): Eco Warrior Back Garden Skills Workshop. Designed for 6 - 14 year olds it guide kids through 5 Practical steps you can take in your back garden to make a change for the better. Cost is €10 and you can book online:

  • Last Sunday’s clothes swap was a huge success with 100s of items of clothing finding a new home and the balance being donated to local charity shops. On Sunday 4th September a ‘Teenage Clothes Swap’ will be organised for kids aged 12-18 – more details on this later.
  • ‘Moo-Cow’ Milk and shakes will soon be available in glass bottles direct from the Finlay Dairy farm


Weekly Farmers’ Market


  • This Saturday 13 Auguste 10am-2pm will see a near sold-out market with a full range of bakery, fresh meat, fish and organic beef.  As ever the focus of the market is on fresh, local and organic
  • This week's market will see Colman Power take a stall to discuss and sell his book "The Power of Organic Fitness: The natural way to be healthier and happier using food & lifestyle Paperback "


SOLAS – Plants

The featured plant this week is our range of  Echinaceas. These beautiful herbaceous flowering plants are available in a range of colours. Fully grown the plant will reach 80 - 90cm and flowers from mid-summer to early autumn. As ever our team of horticulturists are on hand 7-days a week.

SOLAS – Shop

Our featured shop product this week is our ‘Soil renew soil Conditioner’ which offers an organic way to improve your soil.

This natural product was developed in France Over 30 Years Ago and is filled with beneficial Bacteria, Fungi, Algae, Microplants which work through your soil to create organic matter

1.5Kg of Soil Renew Creates as Much Organic Matter as ½ Tonne of Farm Yard Manure

Perfect for old tired gardens, ideal for flower beds and vegetable patched

In store and online


SOLAS Weather

The wonderful is continue over the weekend and into next week

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