Common Types of Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence arises when medical practitioners deliver care that falls below the reasonable standard of care that ought to be provided.

The most common types of medical negligence arise as a result of the following:-

  • Misdiagnosis.  This occurs when a medical practitioner incorrectly diagnoses a patient’s complaints or delays in diagnosing a patient’s complaints, which can have severe consequences in terms of patient’s future health and life expectancy.

  • Surgical Negligence.  Surgical errors can occur in a range of medical settings including the following:- 

                  i.    Performing surgery on the incorrect part of the patient's body.
                  ii.    Unnecessary damage caused during surgery.
                  iii.    Lack of care.
                  iv.    Leaving foreign objects inside the body.
                  v.    Infection.
                  vi.    Failure to follow recommended practices.
                  vii.    Prescribing incorrect medication.

  • Pregnancy & Birth Injuries.  Injuries may arise which can have long lasting health implications for the mother or the child.  Common types of birth injuries are as follows:-

                   i.    Cerebral Palsy
                   ii.    Still Birth
                   iii.    Lack of oxygen
                   iv.    Brain Damage
                   v.    Injuries to the mother when giving birth, including tearing and poor management.

  • Dental Negligence.  Poor dental care can arise when a dentist provides a misdiagnosis/poorly performed procedure or inadequate patient care.

  • Nervous Shock Injuries.   Such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Depression resulting from witnessing a distressing event, such as a loved one’s death due to medical negligence are recognised as legitimate injuries and victims can claim for damages for nervous shock if negligence can be proven.

If you feel that you have suffered as a result of medical negligence, please contact our dedicated Medical Negligence Team via the link below or call us on 09064 93456.

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