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Niall O'Keeffe

You can send Niall a message here.

Niall O'Keeffe fills in on various shows on Midlands 103 - including Breakfast, the Afternoon Show, Drive Time, The Vibe, Last Orders, The Rock Show, Twilight Time & others. On our weekday schedule has yet to fill in for Country Roads or Midlands Today, but they're on his list!... :-)

Recently, for 6 weeks from the end of July to the start of September, he presented a show featuring 1 hour of positive upbeat songs only by request... a very popular show, appropriately called "Happy Hour"!

Niall likes to bring a bit of friendly humour, silliness & positivity to each show he presents, rejecting seriousness as much as possible. He also finds it a little weird that he's writing this bio page himself in the third person. 🤔

You may also have heard Niall in the past on other radio stations such as iRadio, Radio Nova, Classic Hits & East Coast FM.

Niall's been working with Midlands 103 since the summer of 2015, where his main gig is as "Head of Production & Station Sound" - meaning that he's responsible for the jingles, promos, sweepers, power intros & (most of) the commercial ads you'll hear on the station! 

You can follow Midlands 103's creative department on Facebook, or follow Niall on twitter. 

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