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Niall O'Keeffe

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Niall O'Keeffe fills in on various shows on Midlands 103 - including Breakfast, the Afternoon Show, Drive Time, The Vibe, Last Orders, The Rock Show, Twilight Time & others. On our weekday schedule, he has yet to fill in for Country Roads or Midlands Today, but they're on his list...! He's been the only person to play vinyl records live on air when filling in for other presenters on the station... and he's quite happy about that, thank you very much.

In 2019 & 2020, for the 6 weeks running from the end of July to the start of September, he presented a show featuring 1 hour of positive upbeat songs (only!) by request... a very popular show, appropriately called "Happy Hour"! 

Niall likes to bring a bit of friendly humour, silliness & positivity to each show he presents, rejecting seriousness as much as possible. He also finds it a little weird that he's writing this bio page himself in the third person. 🤔

You may also have heard Niall in the past on other radio stations such as iRadio, Radio Nova, Classic Hits & East Coast FM. In his previous (non-radio) life, he's had various jobs - including bar manager, "money processing operative", King of Swaziland, I.T. technician & web developer. One of those is a lie.

Niall's been working with Midlands 103 since the summer of 2015, where his main gig is as "Head of Production & Station Sound" - a fancy title that he came up with by himself - basically meaning that he's responsible for the jingles, promos, sweepers, power intros & (most of) the commercial ads you'll hear on the station! 

You can follow Midlands 103's creative department on Facebook, or follow Niall on twitter.