Tony Christie


As one of the original presenters on the station Tony  was here right from test transmissions in 1990,and was the first 'official' voice heard on the station on September 7th 1990.

Tony has presented just about every time slot on Midlands 103 (Country Roads being the missing slot, he might get there yet...)

Currently presenting the 'Late Shift' a fast moving 2 hours of good craic and great music and lots of interaction with the loyal listeners of the show,

It's an entertaining way to end your day with games like 'Give us the Question'/B.I.N.G.O./The Hit Machine and the nightly text topic..

Fun for everyone Mon-Wed after the 10pm News


Originally from Dublin, Tony Christe aka Tony Krisp has been living in Tullamore Offaly since 1987 and the long time radio presenter has been involved in the promotion of dance music for more than 30 (something) years.

As a DJ, Tony has been playing clubs and venues right across the country for many years. Not content with playing other artists' tracks, Tony began creating his own unique sound. It began by recording bootleg version of popular tracks for the dancefloor but quickly evolved into producing his own original tracks with tracks released on BLINDsided,DaCosta and Full Tilt records.

Heavily influenced by tracks such as Malcolm McLaren's 'Buffalo Gals' in his youth, Tony ventured into hip hop and the Scratch DJ Culture and he says that from there it wasn't just about playing records, 'it was all about the magic of the mix'.

During a Tony Krisp Dj set you could hear anything from Hip Hop, to House, to funk to Oldskool Anthems in the mix. ’Credibility is great,but a full floor is always better’ he says.

Tony can be heard regularly across the Midlands on Midlands 103 in various slots as well as his Saturday night dance show 'Klub 103' which showcases the best of Irish Producer and Dj Talent.

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