Episode 46

Country Life with MJ Clery

Thursday, 16 November 2023 - 45 minutes

On the programme this week the National Teagasc Beef Conference which takes place next week in Ballinasloe Co. Galway takes centre stage. Bernard Doorley from Teagasc in Co. Offaly gives an overview of what to expect on the day and outlines the six papers that will be discussed by the speakers from IBR prevalence in our herd to the international beef markets going forward. Dr. Paul Crossan speaks specifically about his presentation which is the upcoming changes to the Beef Eurostar Index which some suckler famers are not happy with as they see a move away from continental cows. Minister Martin Heydon recently returned from a trade mission to the Far East where he visited Malayasia and the Philippines. With Ireland exporting over 90% of the food it produces and with the UK creating its own trade deals outside of Europe these markets are more important than ever for Irish farmers. An ICSA event taking place this week sees a host of speakers including Richard Markham from Co. Offaly . Richard operates a tree and hedge care business. He speaks about the practice of hedge laying, the best time to sow hedging and the maintenance required thereafter.

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