Episode 47

Country Life with MJ Clery

Thursday, 23 November 2023 - 43 minutes

This week sees the introduction of new rules for quad bike users. If you fall into this category it is now a legal requirement to wear a helmet and undertake a training course. MJ chats to Pat Griffin from the Health and Safety Authority about these new rules. Longhorn Beef is something of an unknown in Ireland. Ed Cooper from the Buitelaar Group chats about how the UK based company want farmers to contract rear calves through to beef for them in their production system. With payments per kg of liveweight gain it is an interesting proposition for farmers who don't want the capital outlay of purchasing livestock but still want to actively farm. The Teagasc National Dairy Conference takes place next week and James Dunne gives a run down of what's on offer including a presentation on milking 10 times over a 7 day period. Dr. Doug McMillan from Green Restoration Ireland chats about a project just outside Shinrone in Co. Offaly where the water table has been raised on peatland. A lot of farmers are sceptical about this new departure and Doug aims to allay these fears by explaining that it is internal land only that is affected and how these projects are completely voluntary.

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