Episode 9

Country Life with MJ Clery

Thursday, 29 February 2024 - 44 minutes

On the programme this week MJ chats to Pat Davitt from IPAV about their annual land survey which documents the prices paid for farmland throughout the country. Prices have seen a continued upward trajectory over the past three years with average land price now in excess of €12,500 per acre. John Kealy is Head of Grain with Tirlán and he chats about the company's recent grain awards which saw the Deering family from Emo in Co. Laois take the top prize. Padráig Egan from Doon in Co. Offaly is a member of SEEFA the organisation established to give forestry owners a united voice. He speaks about how forestry policy is having a hugely detrimental effect on the industry and how government targets are a huge distance behind where they are aiming as a result of farmers being precluded from planting in peat type soils which is a completely nonsensical approach. Adam Woods chats about the cattle trade and how live exports will be a cornerstone of the trade this year with several companies having gained contracts abroad and looking to fill orders in the coming months.

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