Health and Fitness with David Hollywood Week 3

Health and Fitness with David Hollywood

Tuesday, 2 May 2023 - 46 minutes

On Health and Fitness this week,

We look at children and anxiety.

Author of ‘Wisdom's Wishes - How to turn anxiety into a gift that will connect your family’ Sinead Flanagan, is on the show to talk about the language we use and the ways our mind and body work for and against each other.

David asks whether we’re having too much sex, or indeed, maybe too much un-protected sex.

STI notifications are on the rise in Ireland since the pandemic. Find out the truth behind the alarming numbers.

We investigate the links between oral health and broader health issues .

And Chloe Farrell brings you to another club in the midlands.

This one is for Mothers, and it’s for others. And they’re also putting a call out for any man, woman, or beast to be their manager!

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