A Story Of Love, Loss And Kindness Of Strangers

Don Mescall's The Last Song (Song for Jim) is raising awareness of The Alzheimer Society of Ireland.

Life couldn’t have been better for retired builder Jim and his wife Caroline until, like 30 couples throughout Ireland every day, in late 2017, Jim received a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. He is now under the care of  a dementia-specific team  in a Nursing Home and Caroline visiting him every day she is allowed to do.

Caroline began recording the moments of their lives through pictures and putting them to their special song became ‘The Last Song’. 

Having once again listened to Don Mescall's song one dark March evening, Caroline decided to reach out and contact Don just to say thank you for creating such a wonderful song. Not expecting a reply, she was dumbstruck when Don replied and she feels what happened next was divine intervention culminating in the launch of this poignant song to raise awareness and much-needed funds.

Singer / Songwriter Don Mescall said: “I remember being really moved after reading a message from Caroline sent to me on Instagram; it was one of those moments when the words travelled straight from one heart to another. As we started to correspond I learnt a little more about her and Jim's extraordinary journey and how ‘The Last Song’ had become a catalyst of sorts and brought us all together. I later invited Caroline to come to Quivvy Church where I now live in Cavan, and after listening and gaining an understanding of their beautiful love story, I offered to re-record the song and make it available for release to help raise awareness of The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI) and their amazing work, and of course Caroline and Jim's touching story and the stories of the many other people living with dementia in Ireland. It truly is a joy to help and I'm truly humbled by the response to the song.”

Citing early intervention from The ASI as one of the many blessings they have received on this road, Caroline Colbert said: “Call The Alzheimer Society of Ireland as early as you can, I delayed as I foolishly thought this was a disease for old people.”

Caroline says: “My gorgeous fun adventurous husband Jim left me in December 2019. I wish I had known the day he would leave because I would have made sure we had one last wonderful conversation. However, I have grown to love this new Jim that I share my days with. He looks so like the man I married six short years ago. I tell him every day how much he is loved and cherished and I like to think he hears me. I know Jim is still there and for that, I am very thankful. We may not have been each other's first love but being the last is a privilege.”

 The Alzheimer Society of Ireland offers a one to one session with a Dementia Nurse or Dementia Adviser through their National Helpline, which is open six days a week Monday to Friday 10am–5pm and Saturday 10am–4pm on 1800 341 341. Email at helpline@alzheimer.ie or via Live Chat at www.alzheimer.ie

Caroline and Don have been speaking with Will Faulkner on the Midlands Today Show: 


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