Events Taking Place Around The Country To Mark Poetry Day Ireland

A poem to remember Ashling Murphy has been shared by the family of a Mayo poet.

A series of events are taking place across the country today, to mark Poetry Day Ireland. 

From 5k fun runs with "poetry pit stops" in Dublin city centre to an Artificial Intelligence art installation in Listowel in Co Kerry, artists nationwide are putting their own twist on the tradition.

A poem is also being published to remember Offaly's Ashling Murphy. 

County Mayo based poet Geraldine Cummins wrote a poem with its central theme of violence against women, upon hearing about the tragic loss of the 23-year-old in January.

The poet herself died suddenly just four weeks ago.

Geraldine was passionate about raising awareness on many issues that affect women but especially the need for violence against women to stop and this powerful poem was her way of highlighting this important topic.

Does the world stop when the open hand cracks against a softer face or snakes under blankets in the night without consent?

Is the world deaf to the cries of the ones who suffer in silence degraded and humiliated? Filled then with shame of the ignored.

Has the world listened to the softer voices when they cried ‘me too’ and disappeared in the clamouring of other news? They seem lost now.

Did the world ignore the daily stories of bright lives missing? Photographs captured in lighter moments. Seen, read and forgotten in passing time.

Do we hear today the depths of tears that will endure as a young woman is buried in Tullamore? Will we take note now of  unspeakable acts?

Will we remember Aisling and the multitudes who have gone before? Forgotten now except in the fading of old memories and families broken by this.

Shame on all of us that we think of action now while decades have passed filled with the awful deeds of those who laughed remained unpunished.

Is this enough? Have we seen enough now?

Is it time for this world to stop to listen to those soft voices that quiver with terror and do something?



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