Midlands Actor Joins Hit Comedy-Drama Series

Photo Credit : RTE

Second series of 'The Dry' will air on RTÉ One later in the spring.

A midlands actor is joining the cast of the second season of a hit comedy-drama series.

Tullamore's Sam Keeley will take on the role of Alex in 'The Dry,' and will be the love interest of Roisin Gallagher's 'Shiv.'

The second season of the show will pick up seven months from where it left off in the initial season, and will focus on the Sheridans in their 'new normal.'

The eight-part series is produced by Oscar nominated production company Element Pictures, and will return to our screens on RTÉ One later in the spring.

Picking up from the previous season, Shiv’s been sober, celibate, and solvent for six months, Ant has hung onto his job at the estate agents and his relationship with Max, and Caroline’s making up for a lost time by shagging everyone she meets on Tinder. 

So far, so normal - Or is it? After all, how normal is it for three grown adults to still be living at home with their parents? Are the Sheridan’s really happy with this new status quo, or have they just rearranged their dysfunction and found another groove of denial to fit into?  

Shiv is determined to get sobriety right this time, to cut the toxic influences out of her life for good. But what if the biggest threat to Shiv’s stability turns out to be closer to home? Giving up alcohol is one thing - but what about giving up your family? 

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