Midlands People Reveal Their Christmas Traditions

In Japan, they have a tradition of eating KFC on the big day. 

Children around the world are waiting patiently on Santa to arrive tonight.

However, many countries across the world have their own habits and folklore for Christmas Eve, and the big day itself.

We all have our own traditions at Christmas time.

But a trip across the world paints a very different picture of the festive season. 

In Italy on January 5th - children get a visit from 'Befana' who's a witch on a broomstick.

Befana flies through the night and delivers presents just like Santa. 

The witches are treated differently in Norway however. 

Norwegians hide their brooms from witches so they're not stolen.

What about Japan? The asian country have a tradition of eating KFC on the big day. 

While in Sweden, the nation is addressed by the a popular figure every Christmas Eve, Donald Duck. 

A nice fire cracker wakes you up on Christmas morning in Venezuela. 

That's closely followed by roller skating your way to mass. 

These people in Portarlington have been sharing their traditions with Midlands 103's Kamron Clarke:

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