Old Moore's Almanac Predicts Heatwave, Drought And Snow

The annual was started by Offaly's Theophilus Moore. 

The Old Moore's Almanac is predicting Ireland will get it's first female Taoiseach within the next three years.

The annual, which is 258 years old, was started by Offaly's Theophilus Moore. 

Old Moore has predicted that Kanye would have mental health problems, the Barrier Reef would be at risk of dying, and that drone pizza delivery would happen. It also predicted the rise of Bitcoin over 9 years ago.

And of course, he predicted the pandemic, a year before it happened.

So what predictions does the Old Moore's Almanac have for 2022?

A female Taoiseach is on the cards for Ireland within the next 3 years. She's gearing up, and getting her alliances in order.
Ireland gets a landslide, a giant wave and an earthquake, a heatwave, a drought, and a huge dump of snow.
House prices go even higher.

Terrorism returns to the European region -New taxes on junk food in Europe -Shortages of items cause panic and hoarding.
The EU economy thrives, as does Britain's, despite the Brexit.

World Politics and Stability: 
Kamala Harris gears up to take the reins of the USA, but she will find herself besieged. Her political enemies will be serious.
Trump will make noises about running again, but it will be conditional on a fair election system.
The economy in China is on the brink.
A tourist spaceship has an incident which makes world news.
News about Malaysia's missing flight MH370.

Harry and Meghan are in for some marriage peril. Harry wants to return to tradition and Meghan wants to embrace American values. It will be rocky roads all the way.
Weird pets like obscure fox breeds will be in fashion. This will end up as a huge debate as celebs get crazy pets.
Rebel Wilson will be pregnant.

Global events:
There will be a second pandemic, unrelated to the first.
Covid passports are a way of life. Those who don't want to have the vaccine will form their own communities and start whole new towns based around their values.
Robotics take a lot of blue-collar work, but add on white collar work. This causes a big shift in society.
Men lose interest in university courses, and go for trades where they can get higher wages.
Malls will start to reinvent themselves as more people shop online. They will be more places of leisure and entertainment ie places like Dunnes Stores will have a trampoline park in the middle for kids.
Shaking hands and kissing will end as a greeting tradition, never to return.

Vaccine safety and big pharma scandals will continue well into 2022.
Births stop outnumbering deaths in many places in the world.
Marriage is on the wane everywhere in the world, with weddings being seen as quaint historical re-enactments.
Human augmentation starts - we merge ourselves with technology to the point that it becomes part of our biology.

Medical technology will astound in 2022. Blind people see again, people in wheelchairs walk again.
Settlement on Mars becomes an absolute reality, and planning starts. Get ready for the docudramas to start around this theme.
Virtual sex will become astoundingly realistic with new equipment, making long distance relationships a thing.
Big data analytics are where the most lucrative careers will be.

The backlash against far right and far left has started, and the usual topics fall by the wayside. A backlash against overly hysterical news is also on the agenda.
A news organisation gets busted paying rent-a-crowd to protest at every rally and march, the aim is to cause trouble for newsreel value. This structure of "generating news" will be split open across the world as many organisations get found out. It's back to basics with news organisations across the world.
There will be new competitor to the big social media platforms, offering more freedom of speech.

Australian Open: Rafael Nadal and Naomi Osaka
Six Nations: France
Gaelic Football: Dublin
Hurling All Ireland: Limerick

Starting in 2022, the blockchain revolution will happen overnight.
The world is changing at lighting speed, especially the world of money. As we all know, paper money is finished.
People with cash from any country anywhere in the world need to keep their physical money. Cash will be a collector's item very soon. And, the more obscure the money is, the more valuable it will be.
Watch as the euro breaks off into a crypto branch. Expect the Afro, and the CryptoRuble to be big currencies.
Whole media channels will be dedicated to crypto news. There will be new university degrees around the blockchain economy. Spin off industries servicing cryptos will be lucrative. Educational courses will also be lucrative if you are looking for a new career.
Coder jobs around this industry will make stars of coders, with big salaries to boot.
Sustainable data centres will be a big deal. Huge servers helping themselves to massive power requirements will be needed to run the blockchains. Places like Iceland can keep these servers cool naturally, plus can generate electricity from renewable sources like the volcanoes they sit upon. Whole new lucrative industries await these icy economies.
There are big changes for North Koreans. As the younger generation get access to outside influences via the blockchain, they will rise and resist. It will be short and messy, but revolution is coming.
The new freedoms found in the blockchains will cause uprisings as people anonymously get hold of things that have been restricted before.
Even music will be shared on the blockchain. This will blow apart places like North Korea and China and some Middle Eastern countries where such music is forbidden.
Stay away from crypto aligned with Facebook, it will be insecure and will be hacked multiple times.

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