Sit Back, Relax And Watch The Birds Go By For This National Survey

Robins have been known to be the most commonly seen bird in Irish gardens.

People across the midlands are being encouraged to take note of the birds they see in their garden. 

Bird Watch Ireland are conducting their 35th Irish Garden Bird Survey, here people are being asked to spend time looking for the birds in their garden and what they are.

Last winter, Robins were common across the country with no difference in Laois, Offaly and Westmeath. In Laois, the slightly less common Chaffinches placed top of the table, in Offaly gardens Blackbirds were seen in every single garden.

In Westmeath Starlings and House Sparrows were higher ranked than they were nationally. 

The survey will being on November 27th and run until the end of February - with around 2,000 households taking part every year. 

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