"Who Do We Think We Are?" Research Shows What Dubliners And The Country Are Really Like

Results include who is more religious and who knows the neighbours best.

New "myth-busting" research reveals what Dubliners and the rest of the Country are really like, despite common misconceptions. 

The figures show that Dubliners are more likely to splurge on luxurious holidays (Dublin 33% v Country 18%), where as people in the Country are far more concerned with home upgrades (Dublin 5% v Country 16%).

There are a lot more Country people practicing religion (Dublin 15% v Country 30%), while there are more Dubliners who don't identify with a faith (Dublin 28% v Country 20%).

Surprisingly, both are close in figures in who is most likely to their neighbours well (Dublin 77% v Country 80%), with Dubliners even more likely to have a key to their neighbour's house (Dublin 31% v Country 27%). 

Dubliners are more likely to be on social media (Dublin 77% v Country 68%), and are slightly more likely to listen to podcasts (Dublin 27% v Country 22%).

The Country are more fond of Gaelic Football (Dublin 32% v Country 42%), while Dubliners prefer soccer (Dublin 54% v Country 49%).

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