800 Refugee Beds Lying Empty - Midlands Local Election Candidate

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A Laois local election candidate believes greed is driving the move to hotel accommodation.

"The one thing that's driving all of this, is money"

There are currently 800 empty beds designated for refugees in the midlands, that's according to Laois local election candidate, Pauline Flanagan.

The Department of Integration first announced plans to house refugees at the ‘winter-ready’ site in Stradbally, in October of last year.

It comes as figures from the Department show that there are over 1,000 asylum seekers without any accommodation across the country. 

This new site is located close to where 500 refugees stayed in tents after electric Picnic for up to six weeks.

There are only 30 beds being used at the facility at this time.

Laois Integration Network member, Ms. Flanagan says local communities have seen halls and hotels taken over while these beds lie empty:

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