Bill Keneally Refuses To Accept He Ruined His Victim's Lives

The convicted child abuser is serving time in the Midlands Prison.

Convicted child abuser Bill Keneally has refused to accept he ruined the lives of his victims at an inquiry about how State agencies handled his case.

The 73 year old is serving almost 19 years in the Midlands Prison for abusing 15 boys in Waterford between 1979 and 1990.

This is the second day of evidence by Bill Kenneally to the Commission of Investigation which is looking at how State agencies like the gardai handled his abuse.

The inquiry heard a young boy had gone to gardai in 1985 to say he had been abused by Kenneally but the gardai told him he needed an adult present and was sent on his way.

Kenneally admitted he ‘probably’ would have confessed then if the gardai had acted on that information.

Victims of Kenneally are present at the inquiry and there were audible gasps when he questioned if he’d ruined their lives saying ‘I don’t know why it took them 30 years to come forward’’

He was also asked if he had any names or lists or date of births of the victims and he pointed at his head saying they were in there.

The Barrister for the Commission told Kenneally ‘you’ve an incredible memory which is impressive and disturbing at the same time’’

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