Billboard Erected To Praise Westmeath Woman's Act Of Kindness

The Mullingar mum tracked down the owner of a random package which arrived at her workplace.

A Westmeath woman is being praised on a billboard in Mullingar for her act of kindness.

Emma McCabe helped to track down the owner of a random package which arrived at her workplace in the Greyhound stadium. 

Fortunately, Ireland is a country of villages. Since everyone knows everyone, all it took was a few phone calls to find the identity of the mystery recipient through a friend of a friend of her son’s football coach.

There was almost nothing as sweet as the sound of delight that the mystery woman, finally identified, made when she heard that her package wasn’t lost, but being safely stored and waiting for her. For Emma, being able to hand over the package to this stranger, knowing she had provided some small relief, made her feel great. 

To mark this wonderful gesture, Cadbury Ireland has erected a billboard highlighting Emma’s story, close to where the selfless act took place.  

Cadbury Ireland Senior Brand Manager, Tricia Burke said: “We are a nation known for our warmth and friendliness. Positive interaction between friends, families and even strangers often inspire others to do the very same. But, in our busy lives, these small but meaningful acts can often go unnoticed or unappreciated. This campaign is all about shining a light on those special moments, because we can never have enough positivity in our lives.”

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