Bressie Leading Campaign To Remember Those Who Died While In Psychiatric Care In A Midlands Hospital

The singer has been studying Ireland's controversial history with institutionalization.

Bressie is heading up a campaign to commemorate the people who died and were buried at a former midlands psychiatric unit.

The Blizzard's Frontman, who's from Mullingar and is also a mental health advocate, is currently undertaking research into Ireland's history of institutionalization.

St Loman's Hospital in Mullingar has approximately 1,300 unmarked graves on the premises.

Many people placed into care there were treated with unconventional methods, such as lobotomy and giving people malaria.

Now, there are calls for the erection of a memorial wall at the site, with people able to attend an event for the memorial on the 18th at the Annebrook House Hotel.

Bressie says while we like to place the blame on others, it was also driven by a desire for conformity:

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