Case Of Midlands Garda Whistleblower Before Disclosures Tribunal Today

The alleged mistreatment will be heard this morning.

The alleged mistreatment of midlands-based Garda Nick Keogh is up for examination today, when the Disclosures Tribunal begins public hearings at Dublin Castle. 

During the summer it was clarified that the Tribunal would not be investigating the actual claims made by Garda whistleblowers - but whether they were targetted for making them. 

Public hearings for the Disclosures Tribunal are due to begin at 10.30 this morning at George's Hall in Dublin Castle. 

First on the list is the case of Garda Nick Keogh and the alleged mistreatment of the Athlone-based garda, who claims to have been bullied after making allegations of garda collusion with a drug dealing operation in the midlands. 

Much of the complaint has already been outlined previously by TDs in the Dáil. 

Garda Keogh, who was on sick leave for several years, will now be called to make his submission, as the Tribunal examines whether gardaí were discredited after making protected disclosures. 

It's expected that these hearings - involving a number of complaints and complainants - will continue into next year. 

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