Defence Forces Accepts Pay Proposals From The Public Service Pay Commission

Pay and conditions has led to difficulties in retaining staff in the force.

Soldiers have accepted pay proposals from the Public Service Pay Commission that will restore allowances and increase their take home salary by up to €675 per year.

The Defence Forces have suffered staff shortages because of retention issues attributed to pay and conditions.

The Minister of State for Defence, Paul Kehoe, welcomed the pay deal, saying his priority is to bring staffing levels back up to 9,500.

But general secretary of the soldiers' representative association, PDFORA, Mucklagh's Ger Guinan, says some of the money is only a restoration of old allowances.

The agreement will see an increase in the military service allowance, the restoration of premium rates for certain weekend duties and the reinstatement of an allowance for overseas work.

But Mr. Guinan says the issue of pay will have to be re-visited:

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