Enoch Burke Has Until Friday To Provide Statement To High Court

It comes as his daily fines for non-compliance reach over €23,000.

Enoch Burke has until 5pm on Friday to provide a sworn statement to the High Court in relation to his compliance with a court order to stay away from Wilson’s Hospital School.

It comes as his daily fines for non-compliance reach over €23,000.

Last month, the school’s board of management decided to dismiss Enoch Burke from his teaching position.

As of Friday, the 27th of January, he has been hit with daily fines of €700 for every day he refuses to purge his contempt for an order to stay away from the school.

His case was mentioned in his absence before the High Court this morning.

During the brief hearing, the school was asked to prepare an affidavit with an update of his compliance with the order. If the school claims he has continued to defy it, Mr Justice Brian O’Moore said he wanted to know what dates.

Mr Burke arrived late for this morning’s hearing. The orders had just been made when he eventually entered the courtroom – twelve minutes after the case was called. 

The school will have to provide him with its sworn statement by close of business tomorrow and he has until the end of the working week to respond.

The daily fines for non-compliance have now reached €23,100.

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