Wilson's Hospital School Finished Calling Witnesses In Enoch Burke Case

Mr. Burke hasn't been in the courtroom since Monday.

Wilson's Hospital School in Co Westmeath has finished calling witnesses in its High Court case against Enoch Burke.

Lawyers for the school will deliver their closing speech tomorrow, unless Enoch decides to purge his contempt in order to re-engage with proceedings.

Enoch Burke hasn’t been inside the courtroom since he was held in contempt on Monday morning. It’s not known whether he’s following proceedings remotely.

In his absence, Deputy Principal of Wilson’s Hospital School, John Galligan, told the court that Enoch 'exploded' at a staff meeting after the principal had sent out an email in relation to a student’s wish to transition and be referred to by a new name.

Mr Galligan said the Board of Management later decided to put him on paid administrative leave, not just for his past conduct but also because of concerns 
over protests taking place in front of students when the new school term began.

Freda Malone stepped into the board’s chair after Chairperson John Rogers couldn’t make Enoch’s disciplinary hearing back in January. 

She insisted Enoch was invited to take part but claimed he and other members of his family just kept chanting, 'where is John Rogers?'

In the end, the board felt his intimidation and harassment of his principal and the bringing of a private student-related matter into the public domain amounted to serious misconduct and he was subsequently dismissed.


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