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Final Negotiations Underway For Budget 2020

It will be a cautious approach from the government, with the threat of a no-deal Brexit looming. 

Final negotiations are underway ahead of Paschal Donohoe announcing Budget 2020 tomorrow. 

It will be a cautious approach from the government, with the threat of a no-deal Brexit looming. 

T'was the night before budget and all through Leinster House, the talk's about diesel, and an affordable house. 

In one of the quietest build ups to a budget final touches are being put on Paschal Donohoe's plans.

The Independent Alliance looking for thousands more medical cards for the elderly, and changes to inheritance tax, but Longford / Westmeath Minister Kevin Boxer Moran warning there won't be a giveaway:

Carbon taxes means likely about 2 cent onto petrol or diesel, and oil/coal and briquette prices rising.

There's also talk of a charge on new petrol and diesel cars.

In housing the threshold at which people are eligible for the help-to-buy scheme could be halved to 250,000 euro to make sure only those who need help are being subsidised

No sweeping tax cuts or social welfare increases this year, as Ministers preach prudence ahead of a possible crash out Brexit. 

The Taoiseach says it will be a Brexit budget aimed at protecting the progress made in recent years.

Last year's budget was dubbed the extra fiver a week for everyone.

That's going to seem generous compared with this year's plan from Paschal Donohoe, as the spectre of a no-deal Brexit looms. 

The keyword from Fine Gael and Leo Varadkar today - prudence:

Five Fine Gael backbenchers were sent to face the media this morning insisting they know not Paschal Donohoe's final plans, but announcing what they want to see anyway.

Including Offaly TD Marcella Corcoran Kennedy saying the revenue from increased carbon taxes needs to be used right.

The help to buy scheme is likely to be extended but tinkered with. 

There likely won't be any rise in welfare or blanket tax cuts, but more targeted schemes for vulnerable people and more spending in areas like childcare. 

Ferbane's Kevin Doyle, the political editor of Independent News and Media, says the Social Protection Minister will have good news for some people in tomorrow's Budget. 

He says Regina Doherty has 130 million euro to invest in several areas:


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