From Prospective Museums To Scrap Metal: Three Naval Ships Set To Be Decommissioned

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

A former Lieutenant Commander considers the immanent demise of the LÉ Eithne.

The cost of maintaining three former Naval ships is likely behind plans to scrap them, according to a former Lieutenant Commander in the Navy.

There's reports the largest vessel in the naval service, the LÉ Eithne, as well as the LÉ Ciara and the LÉ Orla, will be sent abroad and taken apart for scrap.

It's after plans to convert the Eithne to a maritime museum amounted to nothing.

Athlone's John Leech, who spent time on all three of the ships, joins Will Faulkner on Midlands Today to talk about the boats' history and their future demise:

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