It Could Feel As Cold As -9 Degrees Next Week

A wind chill means it could feel much colder than the expected 0 degrees forecast for next week.

A leading weather expert says it may feel as cold as minus nine degrees in the coming days.

Temperatures are set to drop to around zero, with the wind chill meaning it might feel colder.

Alan O'Reilly, Carlow Weather, says there's even a possibility of snow.

Meanwhile, three droughts were recorded by Met Eireann over the past three months.

The forecaster has issued its climate statement for the meterological winter.

It was a very dry winter, with the majority of stations nationally recording below average rainfall - particularly in the east.

One absolute drought was recorded at Johnstown Castle in Wexford - which means there was over two weeks with less than 0.2 millimetres of rain.

It lasted for 16 days.

While there were partial droughts in Dublin, which lasted for up to 31 days.

All were between the middle of January to the middle of February.

The highest temperature over the winter was at the Phoenix Park in Dublin on February 14th, with a recording of 15.9 degrees, while the lowest was in early December at Mount Dillon in Roscommon, when it went as low as minus 8.8 degrees.

Met Eireann also says throughout the winter of 2022/23, there were no named storms which affected Ireland. 

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