Judge Says It's “Extremely Unsatisfactory” Enoch Burke Is Being Detained While Getting Full Teaching Salary

Mr. Burke claims he is being punished for not accepting transgenderism.

A judge has said that keeping Enoch Burke in prison is “profoundly unsatisfactory,” but he said he can’t see any other option, given the circumstances.

Today marks the 172nd day of Enoch's latest stint in Mountjoy Prison, where he is being detained for contempt of a court order.

After a 108-day stint in Mountjoy Prison in the run up to Christmas 2022, Enoch Burke was detained again last September for continuing to breach a court order, directing him to stay away from Wilson’s Hospital School in Westmeath, where he used to teach before he was dismissed for gross misconduct.

Enoch claims he is being punished for not accepting transgenderism.

Today was the third review of his current detention, and once again he refused to give an undertaking to stay away from the school, so the judge felt he was left with no option but to send him back to Mountjoy.

He also said it was “extremely unsatisfactory” that Enoch is being detained at a cost to the state, while also getting a full teaching salary pending the outcome of an internal appeal against his dismissal.

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