Midlands Local Authorities Yet To Avail Of Public Charge Point Scheme

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The scheme which was introduced four years ago hoped to see the installation of 1,000 public charge points.

None of the midlands local authorities have signed up to an electric vehicle public charger scheme, since it's introduction four years ago.

The Public Charge Point Scheme, established by the SEAI, provides county councils with a grant of up to €5,000 for the installation of on-street EV chargers.

When introduced, it was hoped the campaign would support the installation of 1,000 public charge points by 2024.

Since then, just four local authorities have signed up to the scheme, with only 38 charge points applied for, according to the Irish Independent.

Westmeath County Council's reluctance to avail of a public electric vehicle charge point scheme is 'disappointing.'

That's according to Councillor Hazel Smyth, who says she's not sure why the local authority hasn't signed up yet.

The Green Party rep says replacing regular parking spaces with EV chargers has been an area of hesitancy for the council:

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