Midlands Town To Gain Two High-Rise Office Blocks

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Approval has been granted for the development.

A midlands town is set to gain two new high-rise office blocks.

Avenir Assets Management has been granted permission to a build a seven-storey and a nine-storey building, comprising of just over 10,000 square metres in total, in the Cloghanboy area of Athlone.

The plans also include a link bridge between the buildings on the first and sixth floors, with an outdoor terrace on both blocks.

The development will be accessed from the Brawny Road.

A number of bodies had made submissions to the local authority during the decision-making process, including Transport Infrastructure Ireland, which was concerned the proposed development would had an adverse impact on the national road network.

The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage had also ordered the developer to engage the services of a suitably qualified archaeologist to carry out an assessment of the site.

While Irish Aviation Authority advised that Avenir Assests Management engage with the Department of Defence to determine if the development would have a potential negative impact on the safety of aircraft operations at Custume Barracks. It added that, if granted approval, 30 days notice should be give to the Department before the use of any cranes and such equipment during the construction phase.

13 conditions were attached to the approval.

They include the developer paying a total of €233,151 in contribution fees to Westmeath County Council in respect of public infrastructure and facilities in the area; and that the three-storey car park is solely used in conjunction with the associated office accommodation and not for commercial purposes.

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