"Mountain To Climb" For Staff To Regain Trust In RTÉ - NUJ

A review has found an exit package for its former Chief Financial Officer wasn't approved by the board.

The National Union of Journalists says there's a mountain to climb for staff at RTÉ to be able to trust the organisation. 

It's after an independent review found an exit package for RTÉ's former chief financial officer was not approved by the board, as required by it's own rules. 

Labour Party Senator Marie Sherlock says it's an example of the 'cavalier attitude' of those running the organisation at the time. 

RTÉ's Director General, Kevin Bakhurst says he's "shocked by such a serious breach of procedure".

Media Minister Catherine Martin says it "demonstrates an appalling disregard for the principles of equity, fairness and transparency in the treatment of staff. 

The RTÉ Trade Union Group says its members are outraged - again.

National Secretary of the NUJ, Ferbane's Seamus Dooley, says the State Broadcaster now has a job ahead, to convince staff it can be trusted. 

"Frustrated and very angry" is how a former midlands correspondent for RTÉ says he felt following further revelations yesterday.

Ciaran Mullooly says he was waiting weeks for his application to be approved when he left RTÉ in 2021

Mr. Mullooly says there are many more questions that need answers:

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