Offaly Company Under Investigation For Potential UN Arms Embargo Breach

An Irish Times report states the company has been training a Libyan army.

An Offaly company is being investigated for a potential breach of a UN arms embargo.

The Irish Times is reporting Irish Training Solutions, in Clara, recruited departing and former Defence Forces and Army Ranger members to train the army of rogue Libyan general Khalifa Haftar.

This could be in breach of the 2011 embargo, which banned the provision of training to forces in Libya, however Gardaí say nothing has emerged at this point to suggest a breach of Irish criminal law.

Europe Correspondent with the Irish Times, Naomi O'Leary says it may lead to involvement from the UN:

A Security and Defence Expert says lessons need to be learned from the investigation.

Mullingar's Declan Power expects the actions weren't sinister:

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